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Why buy our used truck parts?

With the economy getting worse and worse by the day; and your pocket book getting smaller and smaller, relying on used auto parts is the way to go. Not only do you save a ton of money, but you still get excellent, quality, parts. With our 30 day warranty on ALL non-electrical parts, you are guaranteed a great used part, at a great price! Most of our used parts are O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you are getting quality, not foreign/aftermarket parts. The reason you should buy used truck parts from Rasco is, we follow a motto: "We won't sell any part we wouldn't personally use on our own vehicles!" Come see us at Rasco!

Another excellent reason to buy used truck parts is to save our earth. Auto recycling is the sixteenth largest industry in the world. There is an estimated 8 MILLION vehicles per year recycled saving 80 million barrels of oil! Additional energy and resource conservation occurs as well by the rebuilding of "core" parts; usually engines, transmissions, rear axle assemblys, etc. Auto part recycling is the major supply source of scrap metal to the nation today.

By purchasing vehicles from insurance companies and reselling the used parts at an extremely discounted price, auto recyclers on average save consumers 15-20 billion dollars every year!

Pollution reduction, according to the EPA, happens at a rate of 86% in air pollution, 76% in water pollution, and 105% in solid waste when mills around the US use scrapped steel and iron in place of ore!

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